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Mitzvah Madness Kicks Off With Success!

Sunday, February 26th, NowGen Nashville, Jmingle, and Hillel stepped up to the plate, and hit a home run! Over 50 volunteers spanning a total of over 160 volunteer hours came out on Sunday to help make a difference at three different sights. The Jewish cemetery was scrubbed, raked, and weeded, while the Akiva Jewish Day […]

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A New Year

First Post of the New Year, and there is a lot to look forward to.  Jmingle will be branching out into new activities, including Ice Skating, Dave & Busters, and Zanies comedy club. We will still have Bar Nights and Trivia Nights, for the traditionalists among us, but it’s time to spread our wings. NowGen […]

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Shalom Nashville

Are you new to the Nashville area? Have you been in Nashville for years, but don’t feel connected to the Jewish community? Kick off 2012 with our New to Nashville Social, taking place January 18th, 6-9 PM, at Rumours Nashville. Grab a glass of wine, relax by the fire, and meet the Nashville “experts” who […]

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A Hanukkah Miracle on Ice

Thursday was Jewish Heritage night at the Predator game. The Preds were hosting the the Columbus Blue Jackets, a division rival, and the arena was filled with friendly faces from the community. Participants of Jewish Heritage Night received a Kippah with the Preds logo on it. A great gift for the third night of Hanukkah. […]

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Best Latkes in Nashville?

It’s that time of year again. Hanukkah is in the air. Every time you turn the radio on, all you hear is “I have a little dreidel,” “Don’t let the light go out,” or an Adam Sandler classic. If you walk into a store, everyone wishes you a “Happy Hanukkah,” none of that Happy Holidays […]

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We’ve Finally Arrived

Maybe not at the final destination, but definitely on the threshold of something great! NowGen Nashville (Formerlly Young Adult Division) of The Jewish Federation of NAshville and Middle TN has it’s very own website. NowGenNashville.org The website is a huge step for a community in need of good communication, and a central source to learn […]

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ok no more excuses

I cannot believe how difficult blogging is. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. New plan is to blog on Monday and Thursday. (Today does not count). So much has been happening that is very blog worthy, and here I am sleeping through it all. The Temple’s Next Dor group is rocking the […]

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Website Launch Party & Chanukkah Celebration!

Thursday, December 15 6:00 PM Gordan Jewish Community Center You asked for it, and here it is. Join us for a celebration unlike any other. We will be launching our brand new NowGen Nashville Website, and we want you to be there. Food, Giveaways, Music, and FUN!!! FREE LATKES!!!!!! Special Thanks to our Sponsor View […]

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Nashville Jewish Film Festival

This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Nashville’s Jewish Film Festival. The film, Polish Bar, was being sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Nashville, and both the Director, Ben Berkowitz, and the films star Judd Hirsch, were brought in for a Q & A following the film. Polish Bar, is set in Chicago, and […]

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Jewish Halloween

I have no problem with Jews celebrating Halloween. Aside from the glorified cavities, there’s an idea that Halloween, as a Pagan holiday will somehow corrupt the children, or corrupt their Jewishness. I grew up trick-or-treating, and all I managed to get was lots of chocolate. It’s more of a fun holiday, and culturally doesn’t really […]

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Ethical Questions about Shalit

It’s such wonderful news! That’s right, Gilad Shalit has finally been brokered to come home. Shalit is an Israeli and French national and an IDF soldier who was captured from Israel on 25 June 2006 by Hamas militants in a cross-border raid. Shalit was abducted near the Kerem Shalom crossing (in Israel), and has been held as a hostage at an unknown location. He was 20 years old when […]

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Back to Blogging

Hey all, I’m back. Took a little break for Yom Kippur, and now I’m back to blogging. On a more personal note: Never eat jelly beans as a meal before fasting for a day. Yaaa. Anyway,  after sitting in services all weekend and listening to a lot of sermons, I have had a lot to […]

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Why does being a Jew in Nashville Rock?

This will be the first of a series of reasons as to why being a Jew in Nashville, is just TOPS. Today’s observation is the High Holidays. Nashville’s synagogues, all of them, do not require membership or RSVPs for the High Holidays. Many other cities around the country require usually a membership, or some sort […]

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Young Adults Display Photos from Israel & Moldova

This Summer, The Jewish Federation of Nashville sent five young adults to Israel and four others to Moldova, on trips that would forever change their lives. On Wednesday night, the Jewish Federation of Nashville hosted a photo gallery, at the GJCC, filled with the work of the nine young adults: Jason Coleman, Freya Sachs, Vlada […]

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Top 10 reasons to be excited about the iphone 4s (Jewish Edition)

10. iPhone launches so close to Rosh Hashanah, that the new iOS is the honey to their “Apple” 9. Video stabilizing will allow filming the chair lift at a wedding to be less nauseating 8. New notification center will update you on latest youtube holiday hit (maccabeats!) 7. iCloud sync allows you to share bubbe’s […]

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New Sheriff in Town

Today our new Executive Director began his journey with the Jewish Federation of Nashville. Tensions were high, but quickly eased as Mark Freedman demonstrated that he definitely enjoyed a smiling workplace. He immediately got on my good side by discussing baseball, and in the same breath became my enemy by proclaiming his love for the […]

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Happy New Year Everyone! Last night, Jmingle, Hillel, YAD, and the Jewish Federation of Nashville threw a huge party at Merchants down on 4th and broadway. The party was an amazing success and the room quickly filled to capacity. The second annual Rosh Hashanah Bash was first hosted in 2010 by Evan Remer, who saw a […]

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Out of Service

I hope my terrible play on words doesn’t detract any readers. Friday, after attending Rosh Hashanah services, Felicia and I were a bit “serviced out.” We instead decided to have a little Shabbat of our own. We invited Claire and Jason over, and Felicia prepared an AMAZING chicken dumpling soup with kugel (I helped). Felicia […]

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Were there Jewish cavemen?

Saturday, Felicia (my fiancé) and I attended our first NHL hockey game. The Nashville Predators are ready for a big season, and while only a pre-season game, the night was going to be special. I acquired the tickets after getting a phone call from Elliot Scoken. He was calling to promote Jewish Heritage Night with […]

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A real sense of community

Today I was honored to spend Rosh Hashanah services surrounded by friends and “family.” I use quotes because any blood relatives I have are not in Tennessee, and I am of course referring to the family I have created here in Nashville (Shout out to Ohio fam). During the service I was overwhelmed with a […]

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